Live Video Streaming On Your Business

Live Video Streaming On Your Business Network


COVID-19 is presenting internal IT support teams with new challenges as workers adapt to safely accessing their work resources and collaboration tools from home.

For the first time, companies will have to seek a solution for live video streaming to ensure companywide communications can continue smoothly. Planning the return back to the office will bring about new changes in communication to ensure social distancing practices are being met as employees slowly phase back into the office. Employees may split some of their time between home and the office, as folks continue to adjust to getting back into normal office routines. This means both home and office networks will have to be performing optimally. The future ensures live video will become the new normal for company meetings, and employees must be able to attend the broadcasts whether they are seated at their desks or at home.


As the demand for video communication grows, so will the impact on the corporate network as bandwidth and several other factors come into play. It’s important for companies to take proactive measures when it comes to ensuring their corporate network can handle the large amount of bandwidth that live video streaming requires. This will guarantee work processes can continue as normal without any disruptions.


Many industries are leveraging live streaming video to conduct business with diverse geographical audiences, promote tourism, extend their ministry’s reach, or connect employees at multiple locations. FocusConnect can help you architect a network environment supporting the need for security and balancing what is essential for live video streaming communications. Contact us to learn more about our processes and get an evaluation.