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We are a managed services provider who will support you whether you are starting from zero, expanding, or simply upgrading your current systems. Speed up your business, protect your customers, and prepare to grow!

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Isn’t it time to move your business into the 21st Century?

Patchwork IT solutions tend to build up over the years, with one foot in the last decade and one in the present. It leaves serious gaps in your computer security and network performance. Meanwhile, employees and customers remain frustrated.

FocusConnect brings new and existing locations into the 21st century, providing a solid and integrated solution that is exactly the right size and ready to grow with your business and your team.

Are you wondering?

  • Our new computers seem slow, phones sound bad, and wireless is not great. It's like we're stuck in the '80s.
  • Is a VPN enough security?
  • Someone in our business got hacked and we are worried it might affect others in the office.
  • Our servers are getting old and we are trying to decide if they need to be replaced or moved to the cloud.

Remote Workers and Contractors Could Be Your Biggest IT Risk

In today’s changing workplace, remote working and “contract for hire” workers are the new normal. Mobile devices, bad websites, unsecured wifi, unprotected computers, social media stalking, and simply forgetting to launch the VPN can present security risks. Remote workers and contractors can accidentally open the door. FocusConnect will audit your existing system to pinpoint vulnerabilities and build bullet proof plans to keep workers safe, so they can focus on what makes your business great.

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