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IT performance, data security, and employee happiness are intrinsic to success.  Let us help protect the business and enforce your positive workplace culture.

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A leadership and collaboration focused IT partner

For efficient, knowledgeable IT support that addresses all of your business technology needs, from our professionals. We do things differently at reliable technology services
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Delivering a "white-glove" IT experience


Secure IT services

When your team is working with ours, you will have absolute confidence things are done correctly. Feel the difference of a trusted team that can truly support yours.

Fast communication

Getting a quick response when there is something wrong means everything. Rest easy knowing we have got your back when you really need help.

Consistent Service

Is the level of service from your current IT provider going down hill? This happens when service capacity and capability do not match. We do not oversell our capacity.

Modern technology

Some IT providers cut corners on technology to put more money in their pockets. Instead, we provide industry standard technologies that protect our clients.

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Decades of experience solving IT issues

Jacqueline Specht


Niccoli Hernandez

Systems Engineer

Anthony Avalos

Help Desk Manager

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Bryan Herde

Strategic Operations

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions from organizations about our services…

Q. We develop commercial real estate. Why do we need to work with an IT provider?

IT design should be part of the architecture and design phase for your building projects.  If not, things cost more money later during the construction phase.  And shortly later, the tenant’s vision and grand opening is presented with challenges, workarounds, and vendor struggles.

Q. We are growing fast. When is the right time to get IT in place?

As you grow, managing IT becomes very difficult without IT expertise by your side.  And if you have 1 in-house IT person, it does not mean they are an expert on everything IT.  Get our help before you get hacked or right afterwards.  Cleaning up client relations and dealing with insurance claims looks better when you can demonstrate your company is doing something to make security better moving forward.

Q. When should Enterprise Corporations team up with an MSP partner?

Lower operational costs in large companies is tricky.  Data Security and IT talent go hand-in-hand.  You can’t have one without the other.  Whether your company needs to cut costs or innovate through strategic projects, you will need an IT partnership you can count on to help get your back.


See what people are saying about us


“FocusConnect managed our IT security and network functionality for several years. Their team is responsive, informed, and highly engaged with us when required. Their team will propose more efficient and secure ways to conduct our operations. We are very satisfied with their support and guidance.”

Owner / Principal
Data Destruction Company
Integrity and Commitment

“FocusConnect is rooted and permeated with integrity, commitment, and the highest ideals concerning technology and its essential role in business. Their credentials are profound, and their inquisitive and far-sighted vision for advances in this field that impact businesses, organizations, and people is indispensable for helping entities operate at the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness, profitability, sustainability, and security."

Operations Manager
Strategic Consulting
Skill and Professionalism

“FocusConnect is wonderful. They understand how to tailor security and networking needs to your business. This is all done with the highest level of skill and professionalism. The team is good at finding a crack in your armor that you didn't know you had, and will suggest solutions to solve problems that you never thought to ask about before..”

Insurance Provider
Understanding and Insightful

"FocusConnect is incredible to work with over the years. Their team is truly top of the line when it comes to their expertise. They take complex problems and break them down into simple, understandable concepts. Our tech teams trusts theirs implicitly and we highly recommend them."

Tech Company
Improving the process

"What can I even say? The FocusConnect team has been an absolute game-changer for us. We were lucky enough to have FocusConnect helps us architect, plan, and implement a few major building construction projects with our team. They do things right from the get-go, you can count on everything running well after the install, and their level of support is above a beyond."

Owner / Principal
Construction Developer
Proactive Security

"I've been working directly with FocusConnect for several years. They take what they do very seriously. Their team is fast to respond to support needs, and are also proactive in making sure that the systems are not only up and running, but also make sure that everything is patched up with the latest security updates. They also take the extra step to identify potential problems (scalability, uptime, etc.) and offer up various solutions to ensure everything runs smooth. If you choose them for your IT needs, you will not be disappointed."

Senior Applications Architect
Software Developer

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