5 Things Business Owners Should Know About Cyber Security

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Running a business in today’s fast past world means staying on top of company growth, strategies, marketing, products, and processes. When it comes to security, there are open doors in every aspect of the company’s daily workflow. Most businesses simply do not see those open doors, hope their organization is not a target, or don’t want to admit to vulnerability.

Cyber Security hacks don’t just happen to big companies. Small to mid-sized businesses are often targeted by hackers because they have little to no protection in place.

  • Don’t hold onto sensitive information longer than needed.
  • Maintain strong passwords and store in safe places. Use two-factor authentication procedures in as many places as possible.
  • Discuss cybersecurity risks with employees and create awareness. Most breaches are caused by employees.
  • Do not store credit card information if possible. And, be sure the network environment is set up to protect this type of traffic.
  • Understand that good protective tools are not free. They usually have a cost associated with using them and require help to manage.

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