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What is Managed Application Control?

Do you currently use every application installed on your company computers? Do you currently use every application installed on your servers? Is there old data, from many years ago, still residing there?

Aged applications are often vulnerable to hacking because times have changed and there are no current updates available, or the application was not well written from a security standpoint.  Hackers are well aware of these vulnerabilities and are busy targeting applications you trust and use already on your computer.  It is easy for them because the doorway is there and open just because this antiquated program is installed.  Application vulnerability is a lot different than simply downloading malware.  It already exists in your outdated storage.

Managed Application Control is a comprehensive security solution we offer to help you identify and proactively manage and control the usage of applications within your network and cloud environments.  We combine curated rule sets, real-time monitoring, and support.  This will provide visibility, control, and protection against new evolving cyber threats.

Benefits of Managed Application Control

Managed Application Control offers a range of benefits that enhance an organization’s security posture and streamline application management.

What is the goal of Managed Application Control?

The cyber threat landscape changes daily and weekly.  It is almost impossible to keep up with regular IT tools.  The need for tools that help you identity, monitor, and repel is becoming increasingly important to all businesses.  It is time to do more than just have anti-virus programs in place.  By staying ahead of emerging threats, you can save your business money and time by protecting valuable assets. 

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