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What is Cloud and Network Security?

Cloud Security describes layers of security that surround access to cloud hosting repositories such as AWS, Azure, VMware, or other data centers. Companies should not assume that because data is stored in the cloud that it is 100% safe. There is a “shared responsibility” in cloud hosted server environments where the company still must protect the devices accessing these environments, the way they access the environment or the “network journey,” as well as the security upkeep of the actual servers themselves.

Benefits of Cloud and Network Security

Cloud security is indispensable for all organizations. By implementing cloud security correctly, organizations can ensure business continuity and unlock many opportunities that the cloud environment offers. Network Security will help to address a safe flow of data whether users are in the office, at remote locations, or simply interacting with the hosted cloud servers.

What is the goal of Cloud and Network Security?

Cloud Security and Network Security include: Access control, Security policy and strategies, Redundancy, Datacenter Security, Cloud Application Security, Threat prevention / detection / mitigation, User security, Regulatory compliance, and Content security. The goal of a well-designed cloud and networks security strategy is to help minimize the risks, if not mitigate/ avert all threats.

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Cloud Security, Networks, Hosting Services

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