Top 5 Things CEOs and Business Owners need to know about Employee Security

Top 5 Things CEOs Need To Know about Employee Security

Top 5 Things CEOs and Owners need to know about Employee Security 

Whether you’re a large or small company, CEOs and business owners need to take 5 steps to increase data security for the company and all employees.

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The security action tips below apply for any business.

Tip #1: Increase network security awareness of individual employees.  Ensure your company’s data is safeguarded by creating an awareness in your organization. It is important to engage employees with training and email phishing exercises to see how easily they can be fooled into clicking on something malicious.

Tip #2: Prepare to respond quickly.  Always assume a potential breach has already happened. As our modern technology continues to evolve, hackers are more skilled and craftier. Prepare by planning, practicing, and making sure the right security tools are in place beforehand.

Tip #3: Safeguard BYOD.  BYOD (or bring your own device) is inevitable in any organization; cell phones devices are used more than any other devices for an instant conversation. However, there must be safeguards in place. For every CEO, any security incident related to the use of mobile devices should be a serious concern. Technology solutions need to be backed up with effective governance, policies and workforce education.

Tip #4: Protect Your Assets.  Protecting such valuable information needs to be a priority for any CEO as it requires both technology and considerable effort in identifying, classifying, protecting, and prioritizing assets according to risk. With the end of each work week, employees should test and diagnose devices for any potential threat.

Tip #5: Leverage Security Intelligence.  Given the number of threats every organization faces, sifting through security data can be a time-consuming task.  It is important to know if one of your employees or CEOs has been breached beforehand.  With today’s technology, it is easy to find out ahead of time if you are breached.

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